Rick Richardson's Compilation of the Hobbes Icons

Below is the README that came with the icons. You can pick them up as gnuzipped tarfiles from atleast 100 different archives so please don't ask me where to get them. Ask archie. I have converted the icons from XPM1 to GIF and made up the html documents for each set in alphabetic order (see end of this page). Note that some of the icons are all black since the original XPM was corrupt. If I don't find a fix I will delete them. These icons are suppiled as is and I take no responsibility for their use (or for anything else for that matter :-).

This is a collection of over 3000 icons in XPM1 or XPM3 format.

The icons were converted from the Hobbes OS/2 archive at hobbes.nmsu.edu. There were over 7000 icons on Hobbes, but many were duplicates. I removed all duplicates (based on comparing CRC's), added a suffix of .N when ther were name clashes, and tossed any icons with 256 colors. What remained became 3,382 icons which are mostly 32x32 and 16 colors.

I needed these icons because 99% of the software you get doesn't come with icons to use with your desktop manager. Plus, with WABI coming, all of the icons in this collection which seem useless to Unix types now will suddenly become very useful when you install favorite Windows apps on your Unix desktop.

If you have hobbes-icons-xpm1.tar.gz, then you have the XPM1 format icon collection. These are useful for the UnixWare desktop manager.

If you have hobbes-icons-xpm3.tar.gz, then you have the XPM3 format icon collection. Presumably, modern desktops will use this format.

Included in the collection is "readem.shar". This is a shar file which contains all of the text files that were included in the various icon collections on hobbes. These text files contain author attribututions.

If you want the converter program I wrote, write to me.

-Rick Richardson, rick@pcroe.digibd.com, 10/29/93

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Dr Ata Etemadi (a.etemadi@ic.ac.uk)