Icons for your pages.

Stanford Logos

The gray CSD logos are based on some icons Sunil did for the PCD group a while back. The others are taken off the various Stanford servers.

<IMG SRC="stanford.S.gif" ALT="Stanford">

AI <IMG SRC="logo.ai.gif" ALT="AI">

CSLI <IMG SRC="logo.csli.gif" ALT="CSLI">

CSD <IMG SRC="logo.csd.gif" ALT="CSD">

DBsys <IMG SRC="logo.dbs.gif" ALT="DBsys">

KSL <IMG SRC="logo.ksl.gif" ALT="KSL">

Robot <IMG SRC="logo.robot.gif" ALT="Robot">

SAIL <IMG SRC="logo.sail.gif" ALT="SAIL">

Systems <IMG SRC="logo.sys.gif" ALT="Systems">

TAC <IMG SRC="logo.tac.gif" ALT="TAC">

Theory <IMG SRC="logo.theory.gif" ALT="Theory">

WWW <IMG SRC="logo.www.gif" ALT="WWW">

<IMG SRC="logo.blank.gif" ALT="">

<IMG SRC="logo.blank48.gif" ALT="">

CS <IMG SRC="stanford.cs.logo.gif" ALT="CS">

<IMG SRC="stanford.seal.gif" ALT="Stanford">

<IMG SRC="stanford.seal56.gif" ALT="Stnf">

<IMG SRC="stanford.seal48.gif" ALT="S">

<IMG SRC="stanford.logo.gif" ALT="S">

<IMG SRC="stanford.seal.t.gif" ALT="S">

<IMG SRC="stanford.sealS.gif" ALT="S">

Hewlett Packard navigation icons

Please look at Learning to navigate for information on how to use these icons in your documents.

<IMG SRC="hp.Balloon.gif" ALT="">

<IMG SRC="hp.Binoculars.gif" ALT="">

<IMG SRC="hp.Index.gif" ALT="">

<IMG SRC="hp.Alphabetical.gif" ALT="">

<IMG SRC="hp.Reference.gif" ALT="">

<IMG SRC="hp.Search.gif" ALT="">

<IMG SRC="hp.TableOfContents.gif" ALT="">

<IMG SRC="hp.TechnicalSpecs.gif" ALT="">

<IMG SRC="hp.TopicIndex.gif" ALT="">

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