BigBiz Internet Services
Acceptable Uses and Policy

(this page last revised on Thursday November 22, 2012)

Executive Summary: We will not tolerare any abuse of our services, irresponsible activities, SPAM, unlawful activities, or security violations.

The policies and guidelines expressed herein supplement the rights and obligations of the parties under the Service Agreement of even date. This document establishes operating principles and acceptable use policies as they relate to the Customers use of the Internet and the connection/services provided by BigBiz Internet Services to the Customer under the Service Contract Agreement.

To this end the parties agree as follows:

BigBiz Internet Services sells server based internet services, ie. web site hosting, ftp site hosting, electronic mail services, etc... We do not sell or provide support for client based services on our systems, ie. web surfing, talk/ntalk, IRC, usenet news, etc... Telnet and Ftp access are provided for the convinience of the customer to design and administer their web sites, and are not to be used for general internet access. For client based services, please contact your local ISP.

We do not support chat or IRC connections in any way.

The Internet is a network intended for use by the general public. The Customer recognizes this and undertakes at all times to act with respect, courtesy and responsibility, giving due regard to the interests and rights of other Internet user groups.

The Customer agrees to obtain a basic knowledge of the Internet and its operating principles and procedures.

The Customer will avoid violation of certain generally accepted guidelines on Internet usage such as restrictions on mass mailings and mass advertisements (SPAM mail and postings), pirating or copying of software and other copyright and licensing violations, mail bombing or other methods of attempting to deny service or access to other users (nuke, flash, etc...), and attempts to violate security.

Customers may not use any of our services to make physical threats to any other party.

Customers may not forge e-mail or otherwise impersonate another person while using our services.

The Customer will ensure that its use of the Internet complies with all applicable federal, state and local law and regulation, including but not limited to those principles of law which protect against compromise of copyrights, trade secrets, proprietary information and other intellectual property rights, libel or defamation of character, invasion of privacy, tortious interference, and export of technical or military data to prohibited countries.

The Internet, by its very nature, is inherently an insecure medium. The Customer is responsible for validating the integrity of the information and data it receives or transmits over the Internet.

The Customer is required to protect the security of its Internet account and usage. The Customer's passwords will be treated as private and confidential and not disclosed to or shared with any third parties. Customers are expected to protect their own files from unauthorized use, especially sensitive information like private mail and credit card information.

The Customer is expected to use discretion in the treatment and handling of Internet information and data and to take particular care to insure that adult information is not transmitted to juvenile users of the Internet.

We adhere to U.S. laws and regulations regarding adult-related material of any nature.

Customers will not be allowed to use excessive amounts of disk, network bandwidth, CPU processing, and other resources. Customers which forsee such increased activity must make arrangements with BigBiz Internet Services beforehand so that we may better balance the loads on our machines. Failure to do so cause your site to be shut down until new arrangements can be made.

Activities which interfere with the activities of BigBiz Internet Services's network administrators or other customers is prohibited.

Customers are not allowed to install background processes, daemons, cron jobs, bots, etc... without the prior approval of BigBiz Internet Services's network administrators. Any such processes found will be killed without notice.

Customers may not run packet sniffers or similar programs.

Customers may not copy system files or files belonging to other users, unless specifically permitted. Customers may only download and upload their own files to our servers.

Customers may not run any re-mailing or re-posting services.

Excessive use of email facilities is prohibited. This includes use of packages like FFA-Links. We cannot maintain mailing lists with a large subscriber base or frequent postings. Users needing more advanced email facilities are requested to look for another service as we are primary a web hosting service.

Customers may be trusted with private information like credit card numbers, etc... Customers agree not to transmit such information over the internet unless special precautions are taken to insure the information is secure.

BigBiz Internet Services's policy will follow the generally accepted guidelines of the various (ad-hoc) internet authorities, including InterNIC, NSI, ARIN, IETF, IANA, etc...


BigBiz Internet Services reserves the right to make changes to this policy from time to time as we deem appropriate.

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