BigBiz Resale Programs

Our accounts are open for you to resell to your own customers. There are many ways to resell your web space, we take a look at some of them and point out their advantages.

Independent Account

The most obvious way to host another web site is simply open another account. Each account is completely independent, has its own IP address, its own domain name, its own set of ftp/telnet and access passwords, its own web directory, its own POP and ExpressMail accounts, its own traffic and disk allocations, etc.., all the features of a standard account.

The advantages to going this way are

BigBiz does offer quantity discounts, free accounts, and other perks. Check HERE for details.

Shared Domain (Secondary Domains)

In this method, we register additional domains and set them up to point to different subdirectories of your primary account. When a user goes to the URL of the secondary domain, they get a different opening page than if they went to the primary domain. There is only one underlying account, but there are many domain names registered to it.

As an example, suppose you are a web designer specializing in car companies (, and in addition to your web site (which highlights your design business), you maintain web sites for 2 customers ( and You can set up your web directory as follows:    index.html, etc... for Car Designs, Inc.    index.html, etc... for Toyota Automobiles    index.html, etc... for Ford Motor Company

With your single ftp/telnet password, you can upload all of the files for the different web sites. Your primary domain is, and secondary domains are and

Since there is only one underlying account everything except web directories are shared among all the domains: e-mail addresses, disk space, traffic allowance, ftp/telnet and access passwords, etc... We charge $20 to setup each secondary domain name, and $10/month for service.

The advantage of shared domain accounts are

Some issues you need to be aware of when deciding on using shared domains

Aliased Domains

This is a good time to mention Aliased Domains, having more than one domain point to the SAME web site. You may want to grab a bunch of related domain names, maybe for business/advertising/competitive advantage or perhaps you operate under different company names, and have them all point to your web site. Example: you run a perfume shop ( but also register and to point to the same web site.

As with shared domains, we charge the $20 setup fee for the secondary domains ( and, but we DONT CHARGE the $10 monthly fee for aliased domains (they point to the same directory).


You are welcome to populate your account with whatever content you like (within reason), including web sites for different organizations in different subdirectories, example: suppose your domain is, you can create subdirectories daytona, miami, venice, etc... and have corresponding URLs,,, etc.... This is your space and you can do with it what you will, resell it, whatever. We dont have restrictions on subdirectories as some other web hosting companies have. Create as many subdirectories as you want to (with FrontPage these are called sub-webs).




BigBiz Internet Services also has a referral program which may be of interest to you. If you have many contacts, perhaps know other web designers, pass on the word of our web hosting services. If they open accounts with us, we will credit you with a referral bonus as a thank you. You can read additional details about our
Referral Plan.