BigBiz Internet Services
Web Hosting Reseller Program

(this page last revised on Saturday February 26, 2000)

In order to qualify an account for Resell status, the reseller must be the main contact person for the customer. This program is intended for value-added resellers, design agencies, and the like. We offer quantity discounts and other perks. As a reseller you can charge your customers full price (or even more) for their web site and pay us the discounted fees allowing you to profit more for your services.

The discount schedule is shown below. Resellers that sell 5 or more accounts will receive their own account for free!

Exhibit A

List Prices and Discount Structure

The table below summarizes the discounts applied against our already low wholesale monthly rates for resellers that establish many accounts with us.

Standard Monthly Service Fee $20.00/Mo.
Level A (0-4 accounts) $20.00 (0%)
Level B (5-10 accounts) $17.50 (-12.5%) **
Level C (11+ accounts) $15.00 (-25%)

** In addition, Resellers selling 5 or more Domain accounts will be provided their own Domain account for free. Thats an extra $20 value!

The Reseller Agreement and Terms