This page can be used to lookup .COM .NET .ORG .EDU .INFO and .BIZ domains. If you have a 2 letter country domain, please check with the appropriate registrar for information: Country TLDs.

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Domain Owner Tips

If you are the owner of a domain, its very important that you keep the domain record up-to-date. Some tips:

Renewal Information

Here are some information about domain renewals. At one time there was only one registrar - Internic / Network Solutions. Recently the domain registration system was opened up for competition and now there are dozens of competing registrars. You can determine which registrar you are using by looking at the "Registrar" on the first page.

Network Solutions
If your domain was registered a long time ago (in the internic days), you:

If those conditions apply to you, you have 3 choices for renewal.

Network Solutions
If you registered more recently with Network Solutions, sometimes also may be called WorldNIC, you may not get a postal invoice mailed. See the above instructions for making a renewal payment on the web, or for doing a transfer/renewal.

Tucows, Inc.
Your domain was registered through an OpenSRS reseller. BigBiz is an OpenSRS reseller, and its very likely your domain was registered through us. Contact your reseller to renew the domain.

BigBiz will renew domains registered through us for $10 per year (up to 10 years). Email your domain name and the number of years you want to renew. You must have a current hosting account with us, we will add the renewal fees to your account. If you are not a current customer we may ask you to pre-pay the renewal fees using our on-line payment system.

If your domain was registered through another OpenSRS reseller you can either

All other registrars
If your domain is registered with any other registrar, please check their web site for renewal information. Usually there will be an online payment and renewal system. You can also do the Transfer / Renew method described below.

Transfer / Renew

If you want to take advantage of BigBiz's low priced domain registration and renewals on an existing domain which is registered elsewhere we can do a "Transfer / Renew".

Basically we would transfer your domain registration into our system. The operation is seamless and there should be no down-time of your domain. A transfer will automatically add 1 year to your domain registration, so in effect it is like a 1 year renewal. The cost is $10.

The only thing you need to make sure of is that the administrative contacts' email address (shown on page 2 of the above domain viewer) is current. OpenSRS/Tucows will email a web address and a password to the current admin contact, who needs to go there and type in the password to activate the transfer. If the email address is not current we will not be able to do a transfer. If this is the case you will first need to update your domain record so the admin email is current, then contact us for the transfer. See your registrars web site for details on updating your domain record.

If the domain record's information is all current, just email for a transfer - we will preserve all the current info. If you like to make some changes with the transfer, we can include that too (example: postal address, phone numbers, email addresses, names, etc...). But it is important that the CURRENT administrative contact's email address is up-to-date.

Discounted Domain Registrations

BigBiz can additionally register new domain names for you in .com, .net, and .org for $10 (1 year); .biz and .info domains for $20 (2 years). Please check our web site for details.