F_ok_url and F_error_url test.

Type in your name and email address and submit. The form checks that the fields are not blank. If all goes well you will get a email message and the browser will display the F_ok_url. If you leave the field blank or dont put a proper email message, it will invoke the F_error_url. Give it a try:

Name: Email address:
The source to the above form is as follows: <form action="http://www.bigbiz.com/cgi-bin/forms.cgi" method="POST"> Name: <input name=myname> Email address: <input name=F_to> <input type=hidden name=F_required value="myname"> <input type=hidden name=F_fields value="myname"> <input type=hidden name="F_body_format" value="list"> <input type=hidden name="F_ok_url" value="http://www.bigbiz.com/forms/ok-url.html"> <input type=hidden name="F_error_url" value="http://www.bigbiz.com/cgi-bin/show-error.cgi"> <input type=submit> <form>