[webmasters] FrontPage 2000 Extensions Upgrade

BigBiz Internet Services (info@bigbiz.com)
Thu, 8 Jul 1999 08:31:40 -0700

This message is for customers using FrontPage 98 / FrontPage 2000
or are considering using it.  If you are not a FrontPage user, you
can ignore this message.

We have been testing the latest 
FrontPage extensions from Microsoft and it appears to work well
enough to upgrade users.  We will roll out this upgrade in 3 

1. Upgrade the webserver base software - this has
   already happened.  No changes will be made to customer's
   sites, and you should not notice any differences.
   If you notice any problems please email us.

2. Customers that have already expressed an interest in upgrading to
   the 2000 extensions will be upgraded.  If you like to participate
   in this early group please email us.  This will be happening in the
   next 24 hrs.
   To tell if your extensions are upgraded you can open your remote
   web using Frontpage, and do a "Tools/Web Settings".  The upgraded
   extensions will display version

3. If no significant problems are reported, we will be upgrading
   all FrontPage users to the new extensions between Tue July 13
   and Wed. July 14.  If you DO NOT want the upgrade, please email
   us.  We know of no reason why anyone would not want the upgrade,
   but we leave this option open.

Note: we have tested the new extensions with both frontpage 98 and
Frontpage 2000 and they are compatible.  We also tested the old
extensions with FrontPage 2000 and it also works - however the new
2000 features will not work.

If you have any questions please email us.