BigBiz Non-profit Organization Discount

BigBiz Internet Services supports those that support our communities. We welcome organizations that promote welfare in our communities. We feel that it is very important that such organizations be well connected to the Internet. To this end we are giving a giant discount for our services to help get them on the net.

Starting in August 1997, certain Non-profit and Not-for-profit organizations using will receive a 50% discount on the monthly fees for a domain account. The discounted rate is $10.00 per month. (* fees for additional traffic and disk usage are not eligible for this discount).

To qualify for the discount the organization must

  1. Be a registered non-profit or not-for-profit organization as defined by the IRS, or equivalent. Proof (federal tax forms) must be provided upon request. [Actually we dont really ask for such documents unless we suspect the organization is involved in commercial activities.]
  2. The web content cannot have commercial material, other than trivial amounts for fund raising. The web site may be monitored and excessive commercial content will disqualify the account for this discount.
  3. The web content cannot include offensive or adult/sexual material.
(terms subject to change, we reserve the right to remove this discount at any time)

Current customers meeting these criteria will have their invoices adjusted. New customers will be billed on 6 month cycles at the discounted rates.

If you know of any such group not yet connected to the Internet, or are considering doing so, please refer them to us.