[webmasters] Discount for Non-Profit Web sites

Anna Stubbs (annask8@slip.net)
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 14:07:12 -0800

Hi David,

Would Roller Divas qualify for having our web-site on your server?
Roller Divas is a not for profit skating club whose mission is to empower
women through athletics.

We are not interested in moving our site at this moment. But,  if we wanted
to in the future,
would we qualify?

I think it is really great you are offering to do this for non- profits.
Either way, you are providing a great service.


Anna Stubbs
Co-founder Roller Divas

>>From annask8  Mon Jul 21 11:51:16 1997
>Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 11:49:48 -0700
>From: hoco@stroid.timefold.com (Howard Cohen)
>To: annask8@slip.net, sk8away@hooked.net
>Subject: [webmasters] Discount for Non-Profit Web sites
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>Perhaps Roller Divas should consider this offer.  David Lai runs the
>CORA web site and soon will run the sfskaters web site.  David is a great
>guy and can be very helpful with internet stuff.  I admire his skills and
>his apparent gobs of free time. ;-)
>	Howard
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>>From info@bigbiz.com Mon Jul 21 11:46:21 1997
>Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 11:37:52 -0700
>From: info@bigbiz.com (BigBiz Internet Services)
>To: webmasters@bigbiz.com
>Subject: [webmasters] Discount for Non-Profit Web sites
>BigBiz Internet Services supports those that support our
>communities.  We welcome organizations that promote welfare in our
>communities.  We feel that it is very important that such
>organizations be well connected to the "web".  To this end we
>are giving a giant discount for our services to help get them on
>the net.
>Starting in August 1997, certain Non-profit and Not-for-profit organizations
>using BigBiz Internet Services for their web sites will receive a
>50% discount.
>To qualify for the discount you must
> 1. Be a registered non-profit or not-for-profit organization as defined
>    by the IRS, or equivalent.  Proof (federal tax forms) must be provided.
> 2. Your domain must be registered in the .org TLD, or equivalent
>    country code TLD.
> 3. Your web content cannot have commercial material, other than
>     trivial amounts for fund raising.
> 4. Your web content cannot include offensive or adult/sexual material.
> 5. Not associated with for-profit organizations, example trade unions,
>     lobbying associations, standards committees, etc.  Please use
>     your parent corporation's resources for your needs.
>(terms subject to change)
>Current customers meeting these criteria will have their next invoices
>adjusted.  New customers will be billed on 6 month cycles at the
>discounted rates.
>If you know of any such group not yet connected to the Internet, or
>are condering doing so, please refer them to BigBiz.
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