[webmasters] forms handling script, mysql interface change

BigBiz Internet Services (webmaster@bigbiz.com)
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 11:59:16 -0700

Hi - This is the BigBiz Internet Service webmasters mailing list

This is an announcement of some new software available to users.

1. A new forms processing script is available which handles secure
   processing and is FrontPage friendly.  See http://www.bigbiz.com/forms.html
   for more details

2. If you use the direct Mysql interface from Perl, please take note.
   The Mysql->Connect function changes the order of the arguments

     $dbh = Mysql->Connect($host,$database,$password,$user);

     $dbh = Mysql->Connect($host,$database,$user,$password);

   This affects users on web03 and web04 now.  web01 and web02
   have not been upgraded to this new driver.  Because of other
   incompatibilities, web01 and web02 upgrades are not scheduled
   currently.  Thanks to Joshua of lyricsearch.com for pointing
   this out.