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Secondary Domain Agreement

(this page last revised on Friday October 06, 2023)

This form is used for applying for secondary domain for a Shared Domain Account if you already have a (primary domain) account with us. If you are applying for a new account then please go to Domain Account Form.

You are applying for another domain name to be added to an existing account. You can point this domain name at the same web space or a subdirectory. Please note that the secondary domain shares everthing with the primary domain, except perhaps the top web directory. Note: there is a $20 setup fee to process this form

Contact Information

Primary Domain 

Account Information

Information provided in this section will be used to setup your account.

What name would you like to add to the current account? Example or We can also register international and country domain names.

Secondary Domain 
Moving existing Domain to BigBiz Internet Services. If moving domain:
     Name of current ISP or Web Host: 
     [optional] Reason for moving: 
We can register domains at a discount. For more information about domain names visit http://www.nor

For a list of all the domain names we can register and their costs, please see this list.

If you want us to register your domain name, you must read and agree to the appropriate registration agreement. By submitting this form, you agree to be bound by the conditions of the registration agreement for your domain name.


What is the contact person and name of the company or organization this domain represents: (will appear as owner on domain record; leave blank if same as primary domain)
    City    State/Prov 
 Country   Zip/Postal Code 

Web Setup

Do you want the secondary domain to point to the primary web site, or a a subdirectory of the primary web site:
 Same web site as primary domain. (no monthly fees)
 A subdirectory, name:  ($10/month fee)
Note: if your primary site has FrontPage extensions installed, then the secondary will automatically install the FrontPage extensions.
Is this a non-profit, or a not-for-profit organization? .
If yes, you may quailfy for an additional discount, please read Our Discounts for certain non-profit organizations.

Terms and Conditions of Service

This agreement is between BigBiz Internet Services, ("BigBiz") and the Customer (as noted above) to provide Virtual Web Hosting on BigBiz's network of shared servers.

We currently accept credit cards and checks for payment. International customers can also pay using international money orders in US$ or bank drafts, however we highly recommend using credit cards. All services will be billed quarterly. Credit card customers can sign up for automatic monthly debits. Bills for partial periods are prorated.

For Customers that exceed their monthly Traffic Allowance, exceed their Disk Allowance, or use other enhanced services of BigBiz, we will require the Customer send in an additional amount as indicated in the domain features and pricing guide as a deposit for the additional resources. Customers should deposit at least one month worth of expected additional fees in advance. Any leftover amounts will be credited to your account. If you anticipate additional costs, please contact us to make arrangements.

BigBiz reserves the right to change pricing with thirty (30) days notice.

BigBiz will provide the hardware and system administration necessary to provide World Wide Web access to the Internet community. At Customer's request, BigBiz will assign a unique domain name to our servers (i.e., provided that the name is legally registered to and under the control of the Customer. Customer understands that domain name registration can take some time, and is not under BigBiz's control. Under normal circumstances we can have the domain name up in 2-3 business days. BigBiz will, however, assign a working address to the Customer's pages immediately so Customer can begin uploading and testing.

BigBiz can register your domains for you - you will be billed by us for your domain registration fees. If you decide to use another registration service for your domain name, then you will be billed by that company separately. It is the customers responsibility to maintain their domain record and to make sure the domain registration fees are paid up to avoid service disruptions.

Customer understands and agrees that BigBiz will make every effort to keep our network of servers running continuously. However, our servers will, from time-to-time, be disconnected due to routine maintenance, upgrades and other required events. BigBiz will make its best effort to keep all information on our servers backed-up. However, we recommend that the Customer maintains a separate back-up of any information posted to our servers. BigBiz is not responsible for lost materials or information.

BigBiz will also make its best effort to maintain security on our network of servers. However, the nature of the Web and the Internet is not secure by default. Customer assumes responsibility for the protection of Customer's files and directories. Our Secure Servers use the Secure Sockets Layer ("SSL") between a compatible web browser and our servers. Information forwarded from our Secure Servers that does not use SSL will not be as secure as using SSL.

Please review the document BigBiz Internet Services Acceptable Uses and Policy. Customer agrees with all conditions described in it.

BigBiz shall not be liable for any loss of business, lost profits, lost data, failure of security or any or all indirect or consequential damages whether or not such damages are foreseeable. In addition, Customer assumes full responsibility for all content posted to BigBiz's servers on Customer's behalf, including any trademark, copyright, patent or other intellectual property submitted to BigBiz for either creative services and/or straight posting to our servers. BigBiz reserves the right to remove any material which, in its sole opinion, may result in a violation of intellectual property rights of others or any other applicable Federal, State, Common, International laws or regulations. BigBiz and Customer may cancel this agreement at any time with written notice.

In the event that this contract is canceled by BigBiz, the Customer will have a pro-rated refund of any unused portion of the billing period. Domain registration fees are non-refundable. Customer acknowledges that these terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Customer's continued use of BigBiz constitutes customer acceptance of these and any and all modified terms.