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BigBiz Frequently Asked Questions Home Page

Welcome to the Bigbiz Frequently Asked Questions page.

Here we endeavour to answer some of the most common questions our customers have asked, as well as provide technical pointers on how to accomplish common tasks.

The FAQ has been divided into seven main sections:

General Info - informatiom about our servers, billing, types of accounts, services offered, etc.
Domain Registration - information on how you can register a domain name
Email - frequently asked questions about setting up BigBiz email services.
FTP - information on how you can access your account via the File Transfer Protocol and how to give your users anonymous FTP access.
Scripting - frequently asked questions concerning CGI scripting.
Site Design - questions and resources for the site designer, including how-to's with popular design programs, design resources, audio/video, secure sessions, publicity, etc.
MS FrontPage - directions on how to setup Microsoft Frontpage® for BigBiz.

For recent changes and announcements, please see the News page.